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New Year’s Concert featuring Cantonese music held in Beijing

2020-January-13       Source: Newsgd.com

A New Year’s Concert featuring Cantonese music was held in Beijing earlier this month.

A New Year’s Concert featuring Cantonese music was held in Beijing earlier this month. Cantonese music performers from Chinese mainland, China’s Hong Kong and Japan attended the event to celebrate the new year and compared notes with each other on promoting the Guangdong folk music.

The New Year’s Concert [Photo provided to Newsgd.com]

The concert was jointly hosted by the Beijing Cantonese Music Association, the Central Conservatory of Music Office of Academic Affairs, Beijing FTS, and Beijing Heyue Music Culture Media Co., Ltd.

Cantonese Music is an instrumental music form that originated from the Cantonese-speaking area of Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong Province and began to take shape in the Pearl River Delta in the late Qing Dynasty and early Ming Dynasty. Despite a short history of over one hundred years, it has been well-received for its freshness, beauty, brightness, and boldness.

The New Year’s Concert [Photo provided to Newsgd.com]

It is also called Guangdong Music, however, it is popular not only in Guangdong, but also in other regions of China and abroad. In order to help spread the folk art to more people, the Beijing Cantonese Music Association was established in 2011. The association now has about 300 members and a dozen troupes. Most members are also part of other art groups in Beijing, teachers and students from universities and colleges, and Cantonese music lovers.

Cao Le, the secretary general of Beijing Cantonese Music Association, is the daughter of Cantonese music performer Cao He. She told our reporter that none of the members is from Guangdong. They all join the association out of their passion for Guangdong music. Cao said that the association is recruiting and cultivating new members, especially the youth in recent years. About 20 young performers participated in this year’s concert.

Reported by Zoey Huang

Edited by Monica Liu

Editor: Monica Liu

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